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In today’s world, the process of insuring and tracking valuable possessions is often cumbersome and lacks transparency. When individuals lose or have their valuable items stolen, they face various challenges, such as proving ownership, determining the item’s value, and navigating the complex and often manual insurance claim process. To address these issues, we propose the development of an end-to-end application that leverages blockchain technology to simplify and enhance the process of tracking and insuring valuable items.

Objectives & Goals

Develop an end-to-end application leveraging blockchain technology to simplify and enhance the process of tracking and insuring valuable items, aiming to provide a seamless and transparent experience for users.

Incorporate Web 3.0 design principles to give users more control over their data in an easy and secure way.

Integrate blockchain technology seamlessly into the application so that it is intuitive and accessible for novice users.

About me

Brigitta Gyoerfi

UX/UI Design

My role

User research
Ideation & solution finding
User experience design
Information architecture
User interface design

Design Process

Scope of Work

The following design process has been applied when creating an end-to-end application (dApp) in Web 3.0 environment.

Uncovering the problem

The project started with in-depth user research, including interviews and competitive analysis, to understand the pain points and needs of physical asset owners. It became evident that in specific life situations when asset owners needed help to recover their valuables, they were hindered by non-transparent processes.

Interview insights

During user interviews, several key insights were gathered:

  • Users are often not prepared for unforeseen events and do not take any precautions to protect their valuables.
  • When an event happens, they have difficulty listing out their valuables that might be damaged or lost.
  • They are hesitant to contact their insurance company, anticipating a lengthy and manual claims process.
  • They become frustrated when additional proof documents are required from them.
  • They lack transparency regarding what is insured and what is not covered by their policy.

User Persona

Following the user interviews a clear picture of a persona evolved with specific pain-points and needs with regards to protecting valuables while traveling


Emma, the world traveller

  • 32 years
  • Marketing professional
  • Big city
  • Adventure seeker and independent
  • Loves photography


Emma has been working hard for the last 10 years for an international corporation and has decided to take a year-long break to travel the world. She is also a passionate photographer, so she wants to document her travels by creating a photo book. For this purpose, she bought her dream equipment. Having heard some horror stories of travelers losing their valuables, she is keen to do everything possible to safeguard her precious items; however, simply purchasing insurance does not suffice for her.

User experience design

In the User Experience Design phase, I initiated the process by delineating user insights derived from thorough user research, prioritizing them to address critical needs, and then strategically defined the information architecture and product roadmap. Subsequently, I proceeded to design detailed user task flows, following this user-centric approach, which ensured the development of an end-to-end application.

Information Architecture

The sitemap serves as a visual representation, outlining the hierarchical structure of the application, essential for designing the information architecture.

User Task Flows

User task flows in the digital vault solution’s user interaction design process delineate the step-by-step sequences, guiding users through seamless and intuitive paths as they interact with the application to safeguard and manage their valuables

Task Flow 1: Onboarding and get started

Persona, who travels a lot around the world, would like to safeguard her newly purchased high definition camera. She heard about a new dApp that makes safeguarding her precious items a breeze. She wants to learn more how to get started.

Task Flow 2: Profile set-up

Persona wants to make sure that her beloved camera is covered by her insurance she bought before she embarks on her travel, so she wants to connect her dApp to her insurance provider.

Task Flow 3: Add valuable

Persona is ready to add her precious camera to the dApp so that she creates a digital twin duplicating all the information her camera holds (e.g. purchase information, model type, value).

Task Flow 4: Secure valuables

Persona wants to make sure that her camera is covered by the insurance she has bought for traveling so she enables traceability.

Task Flow 5: Claim

Persona suffers a loss of her camera. She needs to inform her insurance company immediately to get the refund for the replacement.

User interface design

In the User Interface (UI) design phase, I crafted a mid-fidelity prototype, translating user flows into wireframes, and establishing key components to ensure consistent design patterns for a seamless user experience. Additionally, I designed a logo and introduced a cohesive brand design, incorporating Web 3.0 elements. The high-fidelity prototype was refined based on usability testing to ensure users comprehend and feel secure while interacting with the decentralized application (dApp).

Brand design

The brand design process involved defining a cohesive color palette, selecting typography, and opting for 3D icons and gradients to align with Web 3.0 design principles, ensuring a visually harmonious and contemporary brand identity

Mid fidelity prototype

The mid-fidelity prototype was constructed to translate the key user flows into testable wireframes. Since the solution is a dApp, I wanted to test the ease of onboarding and recovery processes using blockchain technology, ensuring their understandability and evaluating the immutability of transactions post-execution.

Onboarding process with Digital Wallet

Recovery process in decentralized app environment

Storing and insuring valuables in Digital Wallet

Usability testing

In-person moderated usability testing unveiled various opportunities for enhancement concerning solution efficacy and usability. 

Usability insights

Simplify onboarding process

  • Limit the number of steps users need to follow to onboard to the dApp.
  • Reduce the text and explanation, provide more self-discovery to accommodate novice and experience users.
  • Avoid using jargons, and be very clear what type of valuables users can safeguard.

Ensure easy recovery

  • Blockchain environment gives users greater control over their own data, however this comes with the price of greater autonomy.
  • Help users understand what is happening and reduce anxiety by designing constant feedback.
  • Add a level of friction or confirmation to reduce error when they make critical changes.

Transparency and consistency

  • Provide information on total value stored in the wallet as well as total insured amount on a transparent way to establish trust.
  • Enable users to immediately identify which valuables are insured in their wallet and which are not to mitigate the risk.
  • Establish visual consistency across UI components to easily identify relevant information.

High fidelity prototype

The high-fidelity prototype was constructed by incorporating and refining established components and design patterns from tested mid-fidelity wireframes, ensuring a polished and user-friendly interface for the final product

Simplified onboarding and easier recovery process

Using NFCs to add valuables for seamless connection with blockchain

Consistent and transparent information about safeguarded valuables

Simple and efficient claim process


In summary, this project represents a journey of innovation, focusing on user needs and technological advancements. From user research to the integration of blockchain, the result is a comprehensive solution addressing the challenges of safeguarding, insuring and tracking valuables. The digital vault, coupled with a seamless user interface, stands as a testament to my commitment to security and user satisfaction. Moving forward, this project provides a strong foundation for ongoing improvements, leaving a lasting impact at the nexus of technology, security, and user experience.

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